Our Research Mission

Ongoing research efforts of exposure therapy are handicapped by small samples and a relative lack of focus on replication. The Exposure Therapy Consortium centralizes resources and expertise to facilitate efforts to better study mechanisms of action and optimization strategies, thereby aiding the goal of improving exposure efficacy and implementation. Our collaborative efforts aim to develop guidelines for study treatment as well as assessment and data analysis protocols. Our collaborative efforts have the potential to yield better data faster, helping move this literature forward.

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Research Priorities

We aim to optimize the efficacy of exposure therapy. As such, the consortium has the following research priorities:

Shared Aims

Establish a shared set of research aims and relevant outcomes.


Develop a quality surveillance system to maintain quality standards across sites


Develop an infrastructure to facilitate implementation of studies across sites (e.g., multi-site studies, independent replication, shared exposure protocols)


Establish appropriate data analytic strategies.