Our Clinical Mission

The overarching mission of the consortium is to improve the efficacy and efficiency of exposure therapy and improve mental health treatment for a broad range of people. The clinical-specific mission of the consortium aims to bridge the gap between research findings and their dissemination and implementation. Our collaborative efforts aim to increase the dissemination and implementation of exposure therapy in the community through increasing access to training in exposure therapy and providing clinician resources to support their use of exposure therapy.

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We aim to increase the availability of high-quality exposure therapy in the community. As such, the consortium has the following clinical priorities:

Understand Clinician Needs

Identify the challenges clinicians face in using exposure therapy in the community and structure support and resources to target those needs.

Training & Support

Expand initial training and continuing education in exposure therapy and increase access to ongoing support that facilitates continued delivery of exposure therapy.

Tools & Resources

Increase access to tools and resources that facilitate a clinician’s use of exposure therapy as an evidence-based practice for a wide range of presenting concerns.

Stay Up to Date

Help clinicians stay up to date with latest exposure therapy research findings that impact their clinical practice.