Our Mission

The Exposure Therapy Consortium (ETC) is an international collaboration of researchers and clinicians focusing on improving the outcomes and dissemination of exposure therapy. The research arm promotes team science and larger-scale collaborative research in order to yield better data faster. The clinical arm enhances access to useful resources and facilitates implementation in an effort to increase reuptake and effectiveness. Emphasizing a team approach and collaboration to science, training, and implementation, the consortium is inclusive and invites members across disciplines and settings. Members agree to the terms of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) throughout their membership in the ETC.

About Us

An international effort to advance the science and practice of exposure therapy.

What is Exposure Therapy?

Exposure therapy is a clinical strategy that involves confronting distressing emotions, situations, sensations, thoughts, memories, and/or images.

Our Aims

• To optimize the efficacy of exposure therapy
• To increase the uptake of exposure therapy
• To improve the delivery of exposure therapy

It is a behavioral intervention that has shown to be helpful in the treatment of a number of mental health problems (e.g. anxiety disorders, depression, substance use disorder, eating disorders, etc.) by guiding patients to approach cues and engage in response prevention.

Derived from classic extinction learning approaches to altering the learned associations to stimuli (i.e. cues), exposure therapy aims to facilitate learning opportunities that can promote symptom reduction and well-being.

Our Objectives

• Establish research and clinical priorities
• Develop an infrastructure to facilitate collaborative research
• Develop a resource for training in exposure therapy

Consortium Members

The Exposure Therapy Consortium is made up researchers and clinicians from across the globe with a shared goal to improve the efficacy and implementation of exposure therapy.