Video Examples: Exposure Therapy to Overcome Specific Phobias


These videos provide examples of using exposure therapy for the treatment specific phobias.

  • In this video, psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu, engages in gradual exposure for his own bee phobia. The exposure approach described in this video uses a more traditional, hierarchy-driven, habituation-based approach. The video provides a brief rational for the use of exposure therapy with specific phobias and describes making an exposure plan. The video follows Dr. Mattu as he engages in graded exposure to his feared stimulus and includes examples of processing disconfirming evidence that he gathers during the exposure. Mattu, A. (2016, July 21). How to use exposure therapy to overcome phobias. Link:
  • This video follows an individual as she proceeds through an exposure therapy treatment plan to target her fear of cockroaches. It provides some explanation and rational, provides glimpses of exposure sessions, and discusses the treatments outcome from both the individual and provider's perspective. Northwell Health. (2020, Jan 27). Living with cockroaches-my experience with exposure therapy Link: