Out-of-Session Exposure Tracking Worksheets


Engaging with exposure exercises outside of the therapy session is a powerful way to further consolidate the new safety learning occurring during the therapy sessions (Huppert et. al., 2006). Out-of-session exposure exercises additionally support generalized safety learning by varying the context of learning (e.g., in office vs. at home contexts). Many people need to combine in-session exposure exercises with some kind of “real-life” situational exposure practice to solidify their learning and to ensure what they’ve learned in the office can in fact be generalized to their real-life experiences (Bouton et. al., 2006). Providing clear and detailed instructions for where, when, how, and how long, to engage in the out-of-session practice can support success. Additionally, it's important for the individual to take time to review what they learned from conducting the out-of-session exposure exercises as this also supports consolidating learning. The worksheets below are all aimed at helping an individual track their out-of-session exposure exercises and what they are learning. These worksheets can also help individuals identify and and plan out-of-session exposure exercises.