Clinician Guide: Exposure Therapy - Beyond Phobias


Clinical Guide to Exposure Therapy: Beyond Phobias provides evidence-based guidance on how to incorporate and tailor exposure therapy for patients who present with problems beyond fear and its disorders. Exposure therapy is a powerful intervention that can be adapted to meet a wide variety of needs. This clinician’s guide includes an introductory chapter reviewing the basics of exposure therapy. The first and second sections of the book includes chapters outlining considerations for deviating from standard exposure protocols when patients present with anxiety and comorbid psychiatric or medical conditions. The third section includes chapters outlining the use of exposure therapy with developmentally distinct populations with anxiety disorders. And the fourth section includes chapters describing how to use exposure therapy in the treatment of conditions that do not center on fear or anxiety such as eating disorders, obesity, depression, and substance use disorders. This clinical guide complementes existing resources on exposure therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders and provides guidance on issues related to the planning and implementation of exposure interventions more broadly. Each chapter includes a case example.

Citation: Smits, J. A. J., Jacquart, J., Abramowitz, J., Arch, J., & Margraf, J. (2022). Clinical Guide to Exposure Therapy: Beyond Phobias. Springer Publishing.